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Ale Vizio

Interview to Alejandro Vizio, Aerolab’s creative director


Hello guys! We know how much you love interviews, so here we come back with another one, just for you ;)

This time we interview Aerolab’s Creative Director, Alejandro Vizio. He’s an amazing designer and web animator, and with a dribbble that precedes him, he was the perfect candidate for a Pixel2HTML interview. He kindly accepted, and gifted us with the inspiring words you can read below, and a piece of his great work. Skip the jump and read on, friends! Read More


Make your website beautiful and fast, for everyone!


With the rise of responsive design it’s been clearly stated that we need to adopt our website to every device available in order to reach maximum conversions and visits. But responsive designs are not always as accessible as we would want them to be.

It so happens that in many occasions a responsive design looks beautiful in every device, but in mobile enviroments it has a loading time that, with the variation of mobile internet connections can lead to a conversion-dropping loading time. Read More

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 17.47.16

Weekly Recap: SVG workflow, web font crossbreeding and more


Happy Friday pals! The day is almost over, but you already now, it’s never a full Friday until you see the Weekly Recap ;)


Today we’ve gathered some more than interesting links for you, with very didactic content: How to follow a workflow to create SVG images, some royalty free image resources, git tutorials, and a bit on the Basecamp redesign. Stop for a second, click more and enjoy! Oh… and have a great weekend :)


Read More


Lean Design: A quick introduction


Lean design is a practice that’s been popular for some time now, but what does “lean design” exactly mean?

Lean refers to a way of doing a particular task with a clear objective and a defined focus. In the case of lean design, this would mean to focus entirely and constantly on the user.

And user centered design rocks. We all know that, but in order to do it properly, we have to add a lot of work and research for us designers, it’s more than aesthetics. It means designing something in a way that it will satisfy user needs, expectations and abilities.

With all this said, in order to apply lean design properly to your workflow, you have to pay attention to these 4 aspects. Read More

p2h featured

Writers, send us your coding/design tutorials and earn $75


If you’re a follower of the blog, you were probably aware at the time that we were looking for writers for our blog to write some tutorials for us, with a pretty awesome reward.

Well, here we are again refreshing your memory, and to let you know that yes, we’re still looking for you.

We want designers and developers that love to write, in order to make them create wonderful tutorials that will show their expertise on our blog.

The writers who send us a beautifully crafted tutorial that gets published in our blog will earn $75 for each article, is that easy!

Read More

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Weekly Recap: CSS Shapes, PSD inspection and more

Image by

Hello everyone! Today we woke up particularly curious about CSS Shapes and PSD files, and that is a hell of a topic to introduce in the Weekly Recap.

This edition comes today with a lot of interesting posts and tutorials. As an example, you can learn how to design and create an iOS app from scratch right here, did you know that? I bet not. So stop ignoring all these wonderful things you can learn, and click through all of them right now! Read More


Designers: Keep learning in the classroom of the web


We got to say, we are in a tremendous era. With today’s information age, we are able to learn almost anything we want and it will only take the time it takes us to read this information. I always say we are a gifted generation because of this, because of the almost infinite access we have to the data we want. The internet is our classroom. And even more as web designers, we are specially more prone to have information available on the web, beautiful best practices just dance around the cloud, waiting for us to catch them. But with an ever increasing amount of information at our hands, what do we , designers, need to learn in order to improve ourselves? Read More

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