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Weekly Recap: Material Design, UX Project Checklist, WP Dinah and more!


One of the last Weekly Recaps of the year, but don’t worry we’ll be back!

In this edition we have a great article one how to further educate yourself as a designer, the new WordPress Dinah update, an really cool UX Project Checklist, an amazing guide on Chartist.js, an article with Google’s Material Design to come, a Material Design Color Palette Generator and more, read on!

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How Important Is White Space In Web Design?


In this post we’re going to give you a brief explanation of what white space is, and how is it so important for web design, so you can take what you need from this and then hopefully apply it to your next project aiming for a simple and elegant design.

Nowadays the majority of the websites deliver huge amounts of information, and sometimes that transforms into a messy and complex layout that cause your readers to miss the focus of what they are looking for in your website, feel uncomfortable and finally leaving, thats why the need of designers to create extremely clear layouts, and understanding how white space works it’s a key ingredient, so read on!

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10+ Useful Apps To Improve Your Workflow!


Every year, month and week there are new and better additions to the design communities, from new resources like textures and brushes to new design trends making the rounds. The amount and diversity of technology available today is unbelievable, as a web designer you need creativity and out of the box thinking, and the use of some apps must be required to get the job done.

We hope this list will remind you of what is out there, and perhaps inspire you to begin using some of the apps, to make your workflow much easier.

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Weekly Recap: WordPress Plugins, UI UX + Content, OSX History, Freebies and more!


Its Friday and this is our weekly recap!

Some great articles such us the “The Utopian UI Architect” from a former Apple interface designer, or “What It Takes to Build a Website” from Drew McLellan, some of the best free WordPress Plugins, An Illustrated History of Mac OS X, 15 tools that will change how your web design/development team collaborates, 40+ Freebies & Goodies and more!

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10 Great Tips To Improve Your Web Design Skills


Constant self improvement is one of the keys. Getting just a little bit better at something every day is not only a way to improve yourself professionally but maybe it could lead you to a more fulfilling life.

Also sometimes the “business” stops, work flow decreases, you get bored, you’re feeling uninspired and have lost your drive, hopefully this tips will help you improve yourself and get you motivated!

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Weekly Recap: Black Friday Deal, CSS Stats, Sublime Text, Firebase With AngularJS and more!


Another Weekly Recap is here!

And Black Friday too! so we craft a special deal for you, including a chance to win a 30% discount coupon for Icons Mind, also 10 handy CSS workarounds for your next project, a great tool such as CSS Stats, some hot tips, tricks and packages to become a Sublime Text Ninja, learn how to test Ruby with RSpec, a great article on how to use Firebase along with AngularJS, freebies and more, read on!

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10 cool tips to improve your Time-lapse and some of the year bests!


Time-lapse photography is a technique that records a scene or objects that has a slow state-of-change and turns it into a video that plays back in high speed . Time-lapse photography can be considered the opposite of high speed photography or slow motion.

Processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye, e.g. the motion of the sun and stars in the sky, become very pronounced.

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Weekly Recap: InVision+Sketch, Responsive Web Design, Christmas Icon Pack and more!


Friday is here and so is Pixel2HTML weekly recap!

We start with a great Christmas Free Icon Pack from the guys of Icons Mind, a great read on how be a lead designer at a top startup, a really interesting article about Responsive Web Design and some basic principles, a closer look at Mozilla Firefox Developer Edition and a VS. with Google Chrome Developer Tools, freebies and more!!

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Weekly Recap: Vivus.js, iOS Design, 2015 Trends, Mobile Design, Freebies and more!


We are back with another edition of the weekly recap!

Beginning with some useful shortcuts to became a ninja with Sublime Text 3, a free e-book of Web UI best practices, a huge pack of 100 high resolution photorealistic mockups, a complete article with all the iOS guidelines correct and up-to-date, a cool guide on how to create Off-Canvas Sliding navigation menu trending in mobile, freebies and more!

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