Frontend development

Getting started with CSS Grids

The CSS Grid Layout is the first CSS module designed specifically to create layouts. It provides a set of properties, functions and flexible units that allows you to control the sizing, positioning and spacing of content.

Shopify development

A quick intro to Shopify Scripts

We are big fans of the Shopify Platform. In case you didn’t know what are we talking when we talk about Shopify I have to tell you that you are missing out the most complete e-commerce SaaS platform nowadays. Now, type on your preferred browser and take a look, we will stay here waiting for you.

Frontend development

Thoughts on building our own Front-End Boilerplate

As you may know Pixel2HTML is a 100% remote company, with more than 20 developers around the planet, handling an average of more than 50 projects at different scales (from simply email marketing templates to full responsive react web applications) on a monthly basis.

Pixel interviews

Behind the Designer: Jessica Phan

Jessica is a founding product designer at Zugata, reimagining employee development. She was previously an Expert-In-Residence for General Assembly, a product design fellow for Whitespace, and a product designer for ZURB.


What the CSSconf Argentina left us

As a designer, I always like to go to different events that could help me to improve my skills, learn new technologies, or give me the chance to meet people of this amazing world that I heard about but I never get the chance to talk to.

Web design

How to set yourself apart as a designer and make sites that shine

Let’s face it. There’s a question that almost every designer in the world has heard (if you haven’t come across it, at some point you will). The question has been always present, but now with so many tools to make simple and beautiful, it’s pulsating more than ever: Why do I have to hire a designer if I can the website myself?