2019-02-20 07:00:00 -0300 - juanso

I’m so grateful that I chose Pixel2HTML as my place to learn. I’ve no doubts I’m being mentored by the best web developers around the world. And here I’ll be writing about the things I’ve learn from technical and non-technical side.

First, I’m going to introduce myself. Hi everyone, my name is Juan José and I’m 26 years old tennis player from Bahía Blanca. I been playing tennis since I’m 12 years old and I become a Tennis professor when I was 16. But 4 years ago I decided to shift my career, so I replaced my tennis racquets for a MacBook Pro.

My history in the IT world began in 2016 when I went to live to the city of La Plata and I enrolled in the career Programmer Analyst at the School of Informatics of the UNLP. At first the learning process of the faculty was quite slow and tedious, the first language we were taught was Pascal, which although it serves to understand the logic of programming and how to structure data, at the time of facing the working world of web development is practically obsolete . This led me to understand that the university was not the only way to learn having so much information on the Internet, so many courses and tutorials, then on my own I started doing all the free courses I found. Some of them are Codecademy, Free Code Camp - it has several and very complete courses -, Cybrary has a lot related to Infosec, W3School is an excellent source to complement these tutorials, the infallible StackOverflow and Daniel Shiffman with its channel The Coding Train dictates the most didactic and fun tutorials I have ever seen. This roadmap of courses and tutorials - that at the beginning seem quite basic and in my case underestimate - when faced with work challenges were of great help.

Things I Learned During the Internship at Pixel2HTML

In September 2018 I started an internship in Pixel2HTML - a web development startup - and here is when the deadlines and learning methods changed, the tools and technologies we use are up to date and the problems to solve are real business problems. At the beginning I had to learn to work remotely, to have a fluent communication with a Project Manager and a Full Stack Developers, to manage tools such as Now, Git, create repositories in Github, testing that the project works in all browsers with Cross Browsing Testing, coding in HTML and CSS and using internal tools of the company like Pixel2HTML Generator. I had the opportunity to learn many new things about web development, but the most important thing was the opportunity to work with a very enthusiastic and hardworking team.

So, in what kind of projects I been working this last months?

The first challenge was to program in HTML, CSS and JavaScript my digital CV and uploaded it to the web with Now which is a tool used to upload projects on a server quickly and really simple. The first project in which I collaborated as a Quality Assurance was for an online store of a Canadian company that sells organic seeds, as a QA of the project I had to verify the performance metrics, the performance of the page and the accessibility. The process before detecting an error is publishing it into the project’s repository in Gitlab and before that a close follow-up of the issues so I can make sure that the developer every single one of them.

Real clientes, real projects

What I emphasize about working with real clients is the possibility of seeing how the internal process of developing a project is, the responsibility of deadlines and maintaining good communication both with the client and with your work team in order to capture the ideas of the best way in the shortest amount of time. This kind of experience is what I think will finally make me grow as an IT professional.


So, thank you very much Pixel2HTML for everything you’ve done for me. Also for the mentors, Diego, Maureen and Alejandro, it’s an excellent experience to work and share knowledge with them. Thank you for teaching me something that can’t be obtained in the university. I hope to continue participating in projects to gain experience, knowledge and improve each day every aspect necessary to be a Senior Developer. Let’s keep on learning together!