Web design

How to set yourself apart as a designer and make sites that shine

Let’s face it. There’s a question that almost every designer in the world has heard (if you haven’t come across it, at some point you will). The question has been always present, but now with so many tools to make simple and beautiful, it’s pulsating more than ever: Why do I have to hire a designer if I can the website myself?


Introducing Ideas2Pixel: Design for Agencies

Over the years we have worked with many companies around the world and we sensed something was missing. While most of our trusted clients are excellent designers and understand the principles of user interface and user experience, some of them were craving for this sort of help from our offering.

Frontend development

How to build a fancy animated modal box

Hello everyone I’m back again with another Pixel2HTML tutorial. This time we’ll make a modal box pop-up kind of like the ones that show up when you try to sign to a newsletter or something related like that. Let’s check the final result first…

Wordpress development

7 tips for a more secure blog with WordPress

In Pixel2HTML we code several WordPress instances in a regular month. WordPress itself hosts near the 20% of the internet, so we can affirm that it’s a widely secure and adopted platform to rely your project’s site. However, there are a lot of improvements that we can make for your site in order to keep it safe of potential attackers.

Web design

The Ultimate Guide to Style Guides

Style Guides have been an extremely popular topic in the last few years. And it makes lots of sense. They’ve been with us for years in graphic design, why wouldn’t they be in web design and development?

Remote working

Benefits and challenges of working remotely

Possibly you’ve heard about Remote Working lately, it’s becoming an usual thing specially among the tech/startup industry. It’s sounds pretty amazing at first glance. But… like everything: It has some pros and cons. Let’s talk about our experience.

Web design

10 TED talks you shouldn't

If you’re looking for some inspiration you should definitely check out this talks, they cover many areas of design, lifestyle and more!